More connected means more vulnerable

The digital transition is bringing huge benefits to companies but it has also increased the areas exposed to the risk of cyber attacks. Today as never before, IT security is a fundamental strategic factor for conserving and strengthening competitiveness.

More resilient, with the right strategy

The Var Group Digital Security division offers a wide choice of services suitable for businesses of all kinds.
Proactive, multi-level security that includes 24x7x365 monitoring, reinforced by Threat Intelligence, Machine Learning and AI to exploit the full potential of human skills and guarantee efficient protection from every kind of IT threat.


Cyber Security Solutions
Services and tools for combating IT fraud


Transaction Monitor

Omnichannel protection of online banking and online payment services against IT fraud.

The Transaction Monitor service assesses the risk in any type of transaction in real time, blocking it or implementing the pre-set countermeasures and ensuring immediate Fraud Prevention and Fraud Detection on all digital channels.

Risk Based Autentication

Protection of digital resources and users’ identities.

RBA is an advanced approach to data security which protects digital resources and users’ identities through risk-based analysis linked to their accesses to the system. The service is designed to integrate easily with existing systems and adapt to all business situations, to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes.

Anti-fraud SWIFT

Security in SWIFT circuit transactions.

The specific SWIFT circuit anti-fraud module constantly updated to the latest messages and evolutions of formats and data through direct partnership with the bank.

Effective protection against internal fraud and the threats of individual workstations.

Security Orchestrator

Orchestration of the inputs of all anti-fraud and cyber security components.

The service that automates actions and processes, enabling a rapid, effective response to emerging threats and improving the overall capacity to prevent and combat fraud.

The Security Orchestrator collects and analyses data from all anti-fraud and cyber security components and provides a centralised platform for the management and monitoring of all security policies and measures.

Anti-fraud SOC

H24 proactive monitoring.

The Fraud Security Operation Center combines technology and human expertise to offer complete protection against fraud, reducing internal operating costs.

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